March 18, 2013

Random Facts

Pardon my blogging hiatus, but this past couple of weeks has required nothing short of my complete devotion and focus. From the egg retrieval to the embryo transfer, life as of late has been a smorgasbord of excitement, nerves, beauty, and frustration. Before we pick up where we left off, here are just a couple random facts I would like to jot down for my memory.

#1 – Maneuvering through airport security with a carry-on full of syringes and vials of medication is easy as pie. Surprisingly, I have been searched for much less in times past. I must look way more suspicious sans sharps.

#2 – IVF injections have specific timeframes, and specific timeframes are unforgiving when it comes to personal and social schedules. Hence, I have had several awkward, yet amusing, opportunities to shoot up in random places (restaurant and movie theater restrooms, the passenger seat of the car, etc.), and in the presence of some very confused bystanders, mind you.

Good times, I tell ya. Good times.

1 comment:

  1. Don't mind me...just shootin' up :) You take the best fotos!