August 13, 2013

2013 For the Win!

So far 2013 is proving to be an excellent year. Wishes and prayers really do come true (when the timing is right, of course)! As if pregnancy was not the icing on the cake of 2013 (and our lives in general), this little bit of news was like a big, sparkly candle right on top.

My Parker is pretty much amazing. I am so proud of him and his dedication and hard work . . . always with a smile on his face, no matter the difficulty. He is a really great example to me of continuous positivity and perseverance. Not only do I love him to pieces, but I just have so much respect and admiration for him as a person.

I notified my sister of the exciting news with a text message that read: “2013 FTW (for the win)!”She responded, “Yes! 2013 FTW . . . instead of 2012 WTF?!”

I won’t be spelling out that second acronym for those who don’t already know what it means; but, it certainly gave me a good chuckle.


  1. Glad I provided a good laugh for you! I love you both and am soooo happy for you. 2013 is definitely a year for the win!

  2. We're so proud of you P and so happy for you both! You guys definitely deserve ALL this winning!! Love you guys :)