November 18, 2013

The Name Game

As my belly grows bigger and bigger and my due date gets closer and closer (just one week left at this point!), the question that rivals “When are you due?” and "How are you feeling?" in frequency is:  “Have you chosen a name yet?”

(photo taken at week 36.5)

After our gender reveal party Parker and I each spent hours combing baby name sites only to discover that our lists and likes were pretty much completely opposite. We could agree, however, on the fact that a good, meaningful name is important and that we would like something that is somewhat unique, if possible.

Here is a random sampling of names from each of our original (and since revised) lists:

In an effort to help us narrow things down, our friend, Josh, shared with us his personal baby name test. He said that when selecting a baby name you insert the given name into the sentence: “Let’s steal (insert name here)’s lunch!” to see if it sounds too nerdy. (He used the name Norman as an example, which had us cracking up.) If the inserted name sounds like the name of someone who could get their lunch stolen then it’s a no go; if not, then it’s a keeper.

Recently Parker and I were able to whittle down our individual lists and come to a semi-consensus on a small group of 5 names—some that Parker likes, some that I like, and 1 that we both like. We figure we will make the final decision once she is here. Until then, mum’s the word.


  1. I'm so excited for baby girl to make her appearance and ALL of us to hear her beautiful name!


  2. Choosing a name is so hard! Jim and I were pretty opposite too in terms of the types of names we liked, but at least you guys have 5 to work with when the day comes. Can't wait to hear what you decide on and to see your sweet little baby when she arrives. She is so lucky to be coming to your family!