December 16, 2013


My dear friends Sherwin and Denice surprised us by stopping by the delivery room just after our sweet little Cora was born. Sherwin had his camera in hand, and he shot a little bit of raw video footage of Cora's first tender moments of life here on earth.

A few days later he surprised me with this gemand by gem I mean the most incredibly thoughtful and precious gift anyone could have ever given to me. Thank you, Sherwin! I will treasure this sweet video for a lifetime. I can't believe I'm a mom!


  1. Tears, tears, tears. I can't stop crying. :) What a beautiful video and the perfect gift. Cora will absolutely love to see that when she's a little older. Congratulations again, Steph. Sending hugs & cuddles for you and your precious sweetie Cora.

  2. That was a magical film that will be forever priceless to you and especially to your daughter. Thanks for sharing.... what a wonderful reminder of the miracle we get to participate in as we learn to become like God. --- R. Joyce Contla

  3. This is so sweet and special. I love the ending! You are a Mom & a fantastic one! xoxo