August 27, 2014


Cora was blessed on Sunday, February 2, 2014. It was a really special day surrounded by family and friends. Parker and I were extremely nervous that she would scream and cry throughout the entire meeting, including her blessing. So, I asked all of our family members to pray that she wouldn’t and, you know what, those prayers worked! Cora even fell asleep in my arms all by herself for a little while as we took a few pictures afterward. This had never happened before, and it was absolutely wonderful! 

Parker wrote the following letter to Cora about her blessing day.

Dear Cora,

Today was a special day. It was a day that your mom and I have been waiting for, for a very long time. It was today that I had the privilege of giving you a name and a blessing. For so long your mom and I have been praying and fasting that you would come into our lives. As I prepared to give you a blessing I was overcome with emotion knowing that you are finally here with us.

Your mom and I were a little nervous that you would have a hard time and cry throughout the blessing, but as soon as we arrived at the church you had a peaceful demeanor about you and you rested calmly and quietly in your mom's arms throughout sacrament meeting.

When it was time, I carried you up to the front of the chapel to give you your blessing. I felt confident that together we would make it through. As I began the blessing, the spirit confirmed to me what I already knew—that you are our little miracle, given so graciously to us by our Father in Heaven because He loves us. You are one of His most precious and beloved children. In that moment I felt an immediate and overwhelming sense of gratitude as well as a tremendous responsibility as your father to help you become the woman you are destined to become.

I blessed you with intelligence, confidence, love, and understanding. I blessed you with the knowledge that you will do many great things throughout your life. Your Father in Heaven loves you so much. He has a great deal of trust and confidence that you will give the world a righteous example. As I blessed you, I also felt a strong confirmation that you will bless the lives of many because of your light and your love for the Savior.

Not only are your mom and I so blessed and fortunate to have you in our lives, but those who are lucky enough to know you in this life will be also. You are our miracle, our future, and our everything. We love you so, so much.


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  1. She really was perfect. Dress and all! That letter from Daddy....killing me smalls :)