August 21, 2014

Sprinkle Love

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“What if we are all part of a great pattern that we may someday understand; and, one day, when we have done what we alone are capable of doing, we get to rise up and reunite with those we have loved the most, forever embraced? What if we get to become stars?” – Winter’s Tale

I really like that quote, and I feel very fortunate to know that the answer to this question is: yes, we are. We are all part of a great pattern, and we, most assuredly, will reunite with those we love forever.

The recent news of Robin Williams’ passing struck me in a way that caused the wheels in my head to start turning. I felt incredibly saddened to find out that he had been suffering from the debilitating disease of depression, and that he, perhaps, left this earth feeling alone and unloved. I watched the flurry of condolences and loving tributes flood the feeds of social media in the name of this beloved actor and human being. I sure felt the love that was being sent his way, and it made me wonder if he did too.

It got me thinking about all those I know and love in this life, and how each of us struggle at different times with mortal infirmities and often feel alone. Some struggle with illness or addiction, some with loss, some with want. And somehow, at the end of the day, our pain all feels equal to us individually in those moments.  

None of us are free from challenges and heartache; but, we are all divinely endowed with something that is much bigger than any of our pains. We are all endowed with the healing power of love, and love can lift the heads that hang down and heal broken hearts. That is what Christ’s love does for us, and we are all extensions of His love. What greater service can we offer to others than to share that love with those around us, especially those who are suffering? Let's sprinkle our love everywhere, my friends!

I imagine that if each of us could take a step back and be, for a moment, as the stars in the night sky gazing down at the earth, we would see, shining back at us, millions of twinkling lights illuminating in the hearts of those who love us and who hold a prayer in their hearts for our happiness. I believe that Robin is doing that right now, and that his heart is at peace knowing that he, like each of us, is loved far beyond comprehension.

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