February 28, 2013

Reflections: A New Year's Wish

During a Saturday morning outing last November, I stumbled upon the most charming gift shop in Northpark and discovered a delightful little gem—wish paper. With excited anticipation, I purchased the paper to share with friends at our New Year’s Eve 2012 celebration. Just as I had imagined, the wish paper proved the perfect touch for our elegant bash to ring in the New Year.
After dinner was cleared away, we each envisioned our wish and wrote it down on the wish paper. It was decided that I would go first. Filled with curious excitement, I ignited my paper then squealed with amusement as my wish soared upwards toward the ceiling. My unspoken wish was no surprise. I wished for the culmination of our miracle. I wished for our baby.

As the embers of my wish floated whimsically back to my grasp, I smiled wistfully on the journey of the years gone by and the bright, hope-filled year ahead.

Just over a month later my wish began to come true as the rigmarole of the insurance authorization process finally ended. The verdict? Approved for IVF! I could scarcely suppress the exuberant emotional surge I felt when the message came. Tears filled my eyes. My heart raced with joy. After 3 years of silent heartache, our chance is finally here. The process is now in motion, and even though the usual uncertainty still looms amidst the process, I have a very good feeling about what is to come. Here's wishing for more good things to come!


  1. Stephanie you are a beautiful writer! Brian and i tried for 2.5 years before we could have Jovi, and the amount of emotions you go through can be so unbearable at times. You guys are in my prayers. We miss you :0)

  2. Awwww! My wish was for you to have babies TOOOOO!! It's your turn babe :) Could not be more excited for the most deserving couple! Love you!

  3. Congratulations!!! This is exicting.

  4. You and Parker have been in my prayers for months and months... I am so excited for you both and love you so much! (And I love the picture of you watching your wish paper glow and getting ready to catch it... so beautiful. :) )