March 5, 2013

Two Little Miracles

The initial shock of my first shot was eradicated as I cuddled my darling, twin niece and nephew in my arms a couple of weeks ago. The very sweetness of their smiles brings so much joy to my heart and soul. It is remarkable to consider how the tender innocence of a child gives such added depth to our existence.

One short year ago, these two precious babies were but a hope and a prayer in the weary hearts of their parents who had previously undergone three failed attempts at IVF.
Today they are two little miracles, two symbols of enduring faith and hope that have transformed the pain of times gone by into love and gratitude overflowing. They are tangible reminders that every trial borne will eventually become but a fleeting memory.


  1. You guys are amazing! I'm so lucky to be your friend! I can't wait to meet these two little angels! And in the near future your little ones too!! Loving! MIssing!