September 9, 2013

Stroller Wars

I think I have been using my busy summer schedule as a quasi-excuse to avoid hunkering down and researching baby essentials (i.e. strollers, car seats, cribs, pumps, carriers, etc.). But, with only 11 weeks left of my pregnancy, I forced myself to get down to business and start doing a little research.

Over Labor Day weekend, while Parker and I were in Tucson, Arizona with friends, we visited our friend’s parent’s baby store, A2Z Babies & Beyond. I was astonished to discovered that when it comes to baby stuff, anything the willing customer can imagine and more can be found on the market, from belly cast kits to prenatal music belts.

Rather than get wrapped up in the vast expanse of accouterments available, I decided to focus solely on the stroller, which eventually left me stuck between a rock and a hard place when trying to decide between my top 2 contenders:

In one corner was the Britax B-Ready delivering a sleeker look, higher seat positioning, an easily accessible storage basket, smooth maneuvering, and a more comfortable handle for pushing.

In the other corner was the City Select delivering a wide range of seat positioning options, including stadium seating. It also offered a split seat weight of 45 lbs. and 45 lbs., rather than the 35 lbs. and 55 lbs. offered with the Britax B-Ready, as well as the ability to clip in any infant car seat with the purchase of an adapter.

I love the functionality of both strollers, which made for a tough battle. And, for my main requirements (a single stroller that can be converted to a double, smooth maneuvering, lightweight, and easy folding and unfolding capabilities), both strollers bring home the win. However, with the City Select, I dislike the functionality of the storage basket and the less comfortable handle (rounded rather than squared). Similarly, with the Britax B-Ready, I dislike the fact that the second seat is positioned behind and lower down than the front seat.

It was such an honest fight between the 2 competitors that in the end I was left undecided and confused as to the outcome. So, my friends, I need your help. Which of the two do you recommend and why?

Also, other than strollers, what are some of your must-have, can’t-live-without, absolutely-love baby essentials? Please, do tell.


  1. kyle & i both really like the city select. it is our dream stroller. :)

  2. While at Disneyland this past week with a borrowed tandem double stroller I did a lot of gawking at both the Britax and City Select strollers. I think it mainly comes down to the age difference between your kids. If they happen to be close in age, I think that it is hard to have the younger/lighter weight one in the lower bucket seat behind because they too want to see what's going on and be a part of everything. Toddler aged kids tend to get in and out of the stoller with some frequency most places you go (like Disneyland or the Zoo or even a walk along the beach), so it would be really useful to have a lower seat in front for them. This is especially so if the weight is more evenly split for the City Select. For my first I bought a stroller base for the first six months on craigslist and then sold it and moved on to an umbrella stroller. When my second was born I rebought a stroller base and used that or my Beco carrier (which I highly recommend! I have also used the Ergo and love it, but not quite as much) with my toddler in the umbrella stroller. It is rare that I am somewhere that my almost 4 year old does not want to walk a majority of the time. Plus if we're walking at the beach or around the neighborhood he wants to ride his bike or scooter, not be in the stroller. Maybe don't buy a nice double yet until you see the needs of your family as it grows? You are very wise to be consider a stroller than converts into a double though! -Garin

  3. We're always interested to see how moms review these two strollers. After you built up to a climax is was funny to see that you're still left undecided! :) For twins, the City Select has a double bassinet option, which wins over some parents; but otherwise your pros/cons on each are pretty thoughtful and helpful to other parents in the same spot. Thanks for the brief but substantive review on these!

  4. Must haves are a bouncy seat and a clear shower curtain! Showering without having to listen to a crying baby or having to wait till baby is sleeping to shower, is invaluable!