November 5, 2013

Up, Up, and Away!

Since moving to San Diego, Parker and I have met some of the most incredible people and have made friends who feel more like family. It has been a true blessing, and it is something I am grateful for every single day.

These 3, lovely ladies have been my friends, my sisters, and my cheering squad for the past few years—hoping, praying, and wishing right along with me that my dreams of motherhood would someday come true. All the while they have been remarkable examples to me of what it takes to be an exceptional mother. They have mentally, and by example, prepared me for much of what motherhood has to offer—the good, the messy, and the hilarious—reminding me that in the end, love is always the answer.

Before I even shared the news with them that I was expecting they were dreaming up my baby shower complete with theme, colors, food, and details to boot. It always made me giggle when they would burst with excitement about the shower without spilling any of the darling specifics. In the end it made the surprise so much sweeter. With the level of talent they each possess I knew it would be nothing short of over-the-top fabulous; but when I finally saw it all with my own eyes, I was completely blown away. It was perfect and more than I ever dreamed it would be—every whimsical detail of it. Let me just show you what I mean.

The theme was hot air balloons, and Elizabeth designed these gorgeous invites.

Then there was the incredible food and decor.

Lela even painted these two gorgeous pieces of art (which I love) for baby girl's nursery.

Then there were gifts. (Why is little girl stuff so darn cute? I think I might be in trouble.)

And an adorable little take-home for everyone.

And, of course, the best part of all—loving friends and family to celebrate and share it all with. My mom, sister, and sister-in-law, and a few other friends from out of town even traveled to San Diego for the shower. It was such a special treat to have them all there.

Ashley (sister), Shellese (SIL), me, Cassy (family friend)
Mandy, me, Shannon
Me & Dina
Mandy, Kristi, Aarean, Lela, me, Elizabeth
Yessenia & me
Me & Lela

One thing I know for certain is that there is a lot of love awaiting this little girl growing inside my tummy. 


  1. This is a GORGEOUS party! thanks for sharing :)

  2. What a gorgeous shower, Steph! It couldn't have been for a more deserving or more beautiful mama-to-be. :) I'm so thrilled for you and Parker and am so excited for you to meet your precious baby girl so soon. Yay! I wish I could've been at your shower to celebrate with you, but I hope you know you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am doing little dances of joy for you over here where I am. :) Miss you tons and love you very much! :)